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Choosing a Packer

Choosing the Right Folder-Gluer Packer: 3 Things You Need to Know

Let’s break this question down and give you the simplest answer!

Buying a Folder-Gluer Packer: What to Consider Before Making Your Purchase?

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Manual Vs. Semi-Auto Vs. Auto Vs. Fully-Auto Folder-Gluer Packers: Which Is Best?

Today’s cardboard packaging market demands more and more personalization with shorter production...

Impack Folder-Gluer Peripheral Solutions? | Complete Overview

Automated folder-gluer peripherals help finishing lines reach maximum capacity.

Can IMPACK’s Machines Damage My Boxes?

One of the Top Questions we get asked here at IMPACK is:

👉 “Will your machine damage or mark my...

Automatic Vs. Fully-Automatic Packers: Which Should You Choose? [+ VIDEO]

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Semi-Automatic Vs. Fully-Automatic Packers: Which Is Better? [+VIDEO]

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What Are Folder-Gluer Packaging Equipment & Which Machine is Best For You?

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Folder-Gluer Packers Vs. Stackers: Which Packaging Solution is Best For You?

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Collecting Tables Vs. Ergosa Packer: Comparison & Evaluation

Let’s address the elephant in the room that most packaging producers avoid talking about :