Counting and Separating

The traditional way of visualizing the count of boxes for the personnel at the packing station is done by using the kicker of the folder-gluer. The operator defines after what number of boxes the kicker should slightly push one box aside.

The box turners of IMPACK offer a simple solution to easily turn the boxes and make them ready for ergonomic packing. During the turning process and transfer on the conveyor, the kicked box is realigned with the whole shingle and thus not visible at the packing station anymore.

Three simple solutions are offered in order to get the right count. The first is an automated unit with laser counter and double-belt system that creates a gap in the box shingle and is called INTRO. The other two solutions, OBP and OBS, are using an optical revealer only visible under ultraviolet light (included with all Ergosa models).



Always get the right count with the IMPACK counting and separation module! Equipped with a high-precision laser counter and an automatic separation system, the INTRO module allows the operator to receive batches of boxes pre-counted and separated. It can be installed on any brand of folder-gluer.



The OBP marking module applies a light marking to the edge of the counted box, using the folder-gluer’s kicker.



The OBS module applies a light marking with a high speed sprayer on the counted boxes at the folder-gluer’s trombone.