Universal semi-automatic Packer


The best upgrade from traditional Collecting tables

The Ergosa is a folder-gluer packer that optimizes the efficiency of your case packing process and maximizes your folder-gluer’s productivity.

Combining the flexibility of a Semi-Automatic packer with the performance of an Automatic packer, the Ergosa series is an economical solution to help you boost your folder-gluer productivity and reach top packing speeds. The Ergosa packer is, to date, one of the only Semi-Automatic packers that exist on the market, and its original packing methodology offers a higher level of ergonomy, productivity, and speed than most packers and Collecting Tables on the market.

The Ergosa's automated case management system is what makes it different than the widespread Collecting Tables and packing help/aid machines on the market. Compatible with folding carton and corrugated board and ideal for small to large-sized boxes, the Ergosa is a perfect option for companies looking to produce more output, faster, and with a short payback period.

Ergosa Folder-Gluer packer Overview

Ergosa C

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Ergosa A

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