GenieCut In-line Window Patcher


The New Way to Do Carton Window Patching





The GenieCut in-line window patching system for folding cartons is integrated directly onto your folder-gluer. With this high-speed window patcher, optimized folder-gluer lines can achieve actual production speeds of up to 150 meters per minute or 15,000-40,000 boxes per hour depending on blank size. The GenieCut is capable of countless window patch widths on straight-line, 4 corner, 6 corner, and crash-lock boxes. Depending on the needs of your production, the GenieCut can be outfitted with 6, 9 or 12 wide glue gun modules. The size of the glue gun module has a direct relationship to the size and cost of the glue system, therefore we recommend getting the glue gun module that fits your production needs. 

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Meters per Minute


Boxes per Hour


The GenieCut can window the following types of boxes:

GenieCut Key Features

  • Compatible with most box types
  • Actual production averages of 150 meters per minute
  • Offers 5 different widths of glue gun modules
  • Integrates directly on your folder-gluer (in-line)
  • Can be set up rapidly
  • No need for threading and quick to clean
  • Patented system designed to minimize downtime

Innovative Design

The patented GenieCut uses an innovative film cutting system with a stationary knife. Traditional window patchers have servo motors that need to “home” before cycling again, but the GenieCut design allows it to cycle continuously so it can cut the film over 15 times a second.  Moreover, the GenieCut does not come in contact with the boxes,  allowing for a scratchless process!

This revolutionary technology increases productivity by reducing downtime. The in-line GenieCut window patching system does not have glue stencils or cylinders that need to be changed or removed for cleaning. The film accumulator (also called a buffer) is operated by vacuum pressure and there is no need to thread the film through a complicated series of rollers and nip points. 

Virtually Zero Additional Footprint 

The GenieCut is installed on the folder-gluer machine just before the folding function. Since the GenieCut is integrated onto your current folder-gluer, no additional space is required to add window patching to your production. The mobile frame allows the GenieCut to be easily installed and moved from one folder-gluer machine to another if needed.
Additionally, operators can slide the applicator out of the way when not applying windows. Since it does not come in contact with or interfere with the folder-gluer machine operation, the GenieCut can be maintained or prepared for a future windowing batch while the folder-gluer is processing windowless boxes. 

Reduced Downtime

With other window applicator systems, window/film misalignment results in significant downtime. It can take up to 20 minutes to clean glue off of the belt and components of other window applicators after an normal production run. With the GenieCut, downtime due to misalignment is a non-issue, since the belt and rollers do not come in contact with the folder gluer or box. After a production run a single wipe with a rag removes any glue residue on the glue gun tip. 


Fast Initial Set-up & Change-over Time

Standard window patchers can take 2 to 4 hours to set up. The GenieCut usually takes less than 15 minutes to set up when recalling an existing job. After initial set-up it’s fast and easy to load additional rolls of film. 
The touchscreen controller is user friendly and allows operators to define precise glue patterns. Each dot of glue is 6.2mm center to center. Adjusting the glue volume ensures an unbroken glue pattern once the film patch is placed. Film and glue patterns are stored in the controller reducing machine changeover time from hours to minutes. 


Categories     Measures
Roll Infeed Max diameter

18 in / 455 mm

Patch Length Min   2.75 in / 70 mm
  Max   N/A
Patch Width Min   1 in / 25 mm

6, 9,12 in /

150, 225, 300 mm

Speed Max   656 FPM 200 m per minute
Foil Thickness Min   0.00092 in /  20 μm
  Max   0.004 in / 100 μm

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