Stefan Badertscher

After completing my engineering degree in Switzerland, I moved to Canada and was 2 years involved in Hydropower projects before joining Impack in 2013. Being the first full-time technical sales representative of IMPACK, my goal was to drive sales outside of North-America. This allowed me to travel the world with our partners to learn from hundreds of different clients and prospects. These visits and discussions helped me gain a huge amount of knowledge about all the aspects of the packaging industry, of course with a focus on the box finishing part.

To respond to the constant year-over-year growth of projects, I started building a team of Area Sales Managers that cover all projects around the globe in over 50 countries. With one single goal: build long lasting, successful relationships with our clients. As Director of Sales and Marketing, I want to make sure that your journey with Impack is as successful and easy as possible. Still actively involved in projects, mainly with our German speaking clients, I know what your most important needs and questions are.

I am very proud that one fundamental value of IMPACK always was and still is, transparency. We want to help our clients to make the most informed decisions for their production sites and employees. This is the reason why we work hard on sharing our knowledge and expertise in our Learning Center and want to offer you all the resources you need.

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