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Choosing the Right Folder-Gluer Packer: 3 Things You Need to Know

Choosing the Right Folder-Gluer Packer: 3 Things You Need to Know

Let’s break this question down and give you the simplest answer!

If you’re thinking of getting started with equipment around your folder-gluer production lines, there are 3 questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. What does your production look like today?
  2. What machines do you already have?
  3. How many shifts do your operators work?

With these 3 questions answered, you’ll know exactly what kind of folder-gluer packer is right for your company.

Hi! Hani Hallal here from Impack packaging.

For the last 2 years, I’ve researched, interviewed, and sat down with some of the most experienced folder-gluer experts.

In this guide, we'll cover the 3 questions you need to ask yourself to buy the right folder-gluer packer for you.

1. What Are My Production Needs?

Folder-Gluer Machine Outfeed

Knowing what your products are, what volumes you produce, the speed at which you produce and the level of potential you have realized (or not) is always the first step. 

What does all this mean? Put simply, choosing the right machine depends on the thing you produce and how you go about producing it. 

This includes the type, material, varnish, size, shape and thickness of your boxes. 

Are you producing only folding carton or only corrugated board, or both?

4-corner or 6-corner boxes?

Knowing what you produce, how you produce it and your case packing configuration will give you a very good understanding of what folder-gluer packer machine is right for your company, but it’s not the only thing you need to consider.

It’s important to consider the volume and speed of your production, but what exactly does that mean?

Speed and volume are just a fancy way of saying the number of boxes you produce per setup.

You see, the smaller your volume is, the more of your time will be dedicated to the setup versus the actual production. And our goal is to reduce your setup time and balance out the amount of time spent on setup versus on the production itself. 

Assessing your production leads you to asses the machines that you have.

Ask yourself,

Can my folder-gluer reach my production demands?

Would adding a folder-gluer packer increase my productivity?

2. What Machines Do You Already Have?

Impack packaging Ergosa A INH Folder-Gluer Packer

Assessing your current folder-gluer lines and any existing equipment around them is the second step. Sometimes all you need are some modifications such as adding more modules to the folder or just changing the folder to a more recent one. 

Nevertheless, today, many companies use packing help stations/tables and most are between manual to fully automated packers.

Although many believe that buying a more automated folder-gluer machine to replace their current one may be the solution to improving their productivity.

Asking yourself whether you need a new folder-gluer machine is an important one to ask yourself too if you have an older model.

An up-to-date folder-gluer machine can imply a better automated, smoother and quicker setup that requires less manpower. But considering your manpower for your folder-gluer machine and your prospective folder-gluer packer is just as important.

3. What Is My Manpower?

Impack packaging Ergosa Folder-Gluer Packer

Whether you should purchase a new folder-gluer machine or any other add-on machine ultimately demands that you ask yourself,

Do I have the manpower needed to increase my productivity?

Adding a folder-gluer packer to your machine can mean less work for your folder-gluer operator. Especially at the outfeed level, automatizing the packing process of your folder-gluer machine will allow you to save time and increase your productivity.

Semi-manual options like packing-help stations are also great solutions if you have the manpower available to station workers at the end of your folder-gluer. 

Ready To Purchase Your Folder-Gluer Packer? Here’s How to Choose the Right One

Buying a folder-gluer packer is a big decision and you certainly do not want to regret your purchase a few months down the line.

If you're still interested in learning more about folder-gluer packers and how to choose the right one for you, look into the following 3 topics:

👉 If you're locked in on buying a new folder-gluer, compare here the 3 most common folder-gluer models on the market.

👉 If you're still unsure about whether buying a folder-gluer is right for you or not, find out here whether you should buy a new folder-gluer or consider alternative options.

👉 And finally, if you're looking to increase your folder-gluer output, double your production speed, and cut down your staff to zero, here are the Top 5 Ways To Improving Your Folder-Gluer Productivity With Zero Investment.


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