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Buying a Folder-Gluer Packer: What to Consider Before Making Your Purchase?

Buying a Folder-Gluer Packer: What to Consider Before Making Your Purchase?

If you’ve made it up to here then you feel ready to make your purchase for a new folder-gluer packer, hats off to you!

Before you pull the trigger on making a decision, there are some important things you need to factor into your decision-making process. 

You see, a lot of companies will tell you that there are hundreds of factors to consider when deciding between semi-automation and full-automation and then you’re kind of thrown into the interweb to do your own research for hours on end.

In this article, we'll explore “what to consider” and how to apply them to your company's needs.

1. Do You Know Where You Are Today?

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Do you have data on the percentage of boxes you are producing? 

Do you know how many hours of those boxes you run?

Knowing what you’re really doing and collecting data on your work methods is the start!

With some analysis, you can directly pinpoint exactly where you are, but more importantly, what potential you have yet to realize. 

The next step is to ask yourself: Are you in a position to dedicate some production?

Collecting data is a great first step, but it is really what you do with the data that matters.

Take initiative in reorganizing your processes so that you can ensure that if, and when, you do use a packer, you can use it up to its maximum potential.

And hey - you do not really have to hit full potential but at least take steps towards hitting your best possible potential in reorganizing the sequences of your production.

But what's the next step, what else should I ask myself?

Do You Know Where You Want to Go?

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Okay - you now know what you are really doing, you collected your data and reorganized your process to optimize for productivity.

The next question you should ask yourself is do you know where you want to go?

More specifically,

Do you want more output?


Shorter setup times or shorter production time per box?

And why?

In other words, what is your vision?

Knowing where you are now and where you want to go is vital to recognize what machine is right for you. 

Begin by identifying which areas you want to become better and faster at because when you do, you establish a direction for yourself.

For example, if you identify your goal is to hunt the big contracts for crash-lock boxes then you know you need to produce a specific volume at a certain speed and under XYZ circumstances.

Knowing this will allow you to choose the right machine and the configurations required to tackle that goal. Once you know you are going in that direction, and you have established the technology for a fast setup and stable production, you will become the top-speed producer in that market.

A lot of our clients at IMPACK who purchase our semi-automated MFA Ergosa combination observe that just by doing this they eventually pick up a couple of big contracts and realize a surge in their productivity. 

As a result of this, many of our clients end up paying off the MFA Ergosa - in full - after a year, and then it becomes a money-making machine. 

The potential is limitless!

So, Semi-Automation or Full-Automation? 

What Next Steps Should You Take?

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There are definitely situations where semi-automation is the right choice and other situations where full-automation is the better choice.

It all depends on your individual needs and specific circumstances.

Each company is different and that could make a massive difference when choosing what solution is better for your company. Get to know what machine is right for you by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you do smaller boxes, medium-sized boxes, or larger boxes?
  2. Do you produce multi-format boxes or one-row, one-layer boxes?
  3. What existing machines do you have? (and how many?)
  4. Are quality control checks and regular adjustments important to you?
  5. Is uninterrupted, high-speed production your #1 priority?
  6. What is your vision: Where do you want to go?

We know we aren’t right for every customer out there and so we hope this article helped you make a smarter, more informed decision. 

To learn more or ask questions about selecting your new machine, contact us today and we will offer you a free, no-strings-attached productivity analysis.


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