Maxime Jacques

As Area Sales Manager, whether directly or through one of our partners, I am responsible for Impack clients in several countries on the European, Asian and African continents. My career at Impack has allowed me to deepen my knowledge of the solutions we offer.

After starting as an electrical designer, I later became an instructor and finally Area Sales Manager. Thanks to this singular career path, I have acquired a great deal of expertise on our systems and I am the ideal person to approach and develop the content we publish as well as to act as a link between our sales and marketing departments.

It is with pride and honor that I participate in the creation of content for a company as striking as it is impressive with incredible and experienced teams and colleagues. It is with passion and excitement that I try to find the right words to inspire and educate our prospects and clients all the tips and tricks to help them reach their full potential when it comes to their packaging process according to their own needs and specificities.

7 Ways to Boost Folder Gluer Productivity & Speed by Investing in Automation

In this industry, where profits are pennies per package, staying competitive comes down to eliminating inefficiencies and ramping up speed. In the past increasing folder-gluer speed resulted in stress and strain on the packing personnel, but with ergonomics and automation you can increase productivity and retain your staff. Automated folder-gluer peripherals are the best way to address industry wide labor shortages.

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