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Impack Packaging Ergosa Packer’s 3 Packing Modes | Complete Overview [+VIDEO]

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Are you looking to install a folder-gluer packer on your folder-gluer but want something that won’t make your company go broke?

You’ve found yourself on the right page!

As a Marketing Project Manager here at IMPACK, I’m very passionate about helping companies find solutions to their most pressing folder-gluer problems.

I cannot tell you how many times a packaging producer has approached our sales team with this same question: 

“I am interested in a folder-gluer packer, but I do not want those fully automated packers. They are so expensive!! Are there any other options?!”

As much as fully-automatic packers are tempting, they aren’t for everyone.

Neither are Collecting Tables.

And most often, semi-automatic packers like our Ergosa packer prove to be a perfect fit.


But what is an Ergosa packer?

And what packing modes does it offer?

This VIDEO + ARTICLE is my effort to answer those questions in the simplest way possible. By the end of the read, you will understand exactly what an Ergosa packer is, its 3 main packing modes and the benefits each packing mode can offer to your company. 

What is the Ergosa Packer?

The Ergosa is IMPACK’s semi-automatic folder-gluer packer that optimizes the efficiency, ergonomy and productivity of your case packing process and allows you to push your folder-gluer to its maximum potential.

It is IMPACK’s most sold folder-gluer packer over the last few decades and is, to date, one of the only semi-automatic packers on the market.

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The Ergosa’s 3 Main Packing Modes

The Ergosa packer offers 3 main packing modes: The “Horizontal Mode,” the “Vertical Mode” and the “Pick & Place (or Manual) Mode.”


IMPACK’s Ergosa C: One machine, 3 Packing Modes.

Those different packing options make the Ergosa our most chosen folder-gluer packer, due to its high level of flexibility and adaptability to a diverse range of box shapes, sizes, formats and production runs. Hence why we credit the Ergosa for being a universal packer.

There are 2 different versions of the Ergosa within IMPACK’s Ergosa series: The Ergosa A and the Ergosa C. 


The 2 types of the Ergosa packer: The Ergosa A and the Ergosa C.

The Ergosa A packer offers 2 of those 3 main packing modes: 

  1. The “Horizontal Mode” which is best suited for small to medium-sized boxes including straight lines, 4-corners and 6-corners with multi-row, multi-layer packing capabilities.
  2. The “Pick & Place (or Manual) Mode” which is best suited for more complex boxes that require constant adjustments and corrections, as well as, crash-lock/auto-bottom boxes. 

The Ergosa C packer offers the same 2 packing modes mentioned above + 1 additional optional packing mode:

  1. The “Vertical Mode” with the PerPack Module which is best suited for medium to large-sized boxes including straight lines, 4-corners and 6-corners with 1 or 2 row(s), 1 layer packing capabilities. The “Vertical Mode” can also pack crash-lock/auto-bottom boxes when paired with the MFA Batch Inverting Module.

In addition to these 3 main packing modes, we offer other modes such as the “Tray Holder Mode” for very small boxes and adjusted versions of the vertical mode that are adapted to work with banding/strapping machines.

Now that we have defined the 3 main packing modes of the Ergosa, let’s take a closer look at how each mode works.

1. Horizontal Mode


IMPACK’s Ergosa A & C in Horizontal Mode.

The Ergosa’s “Horizontal Mode” features a new original packing methodology with an ergonomic design that allows you to run over 100,000 boxes per hour on the folder-gluer.

Instead of traditionally hand-packing your boxes in limited batches — because your hands can only lift so much — the Horizontal Mode allows you to pack a full row of boxes, in one motion, by sliding the boxes into the case. This “sliding movement” capability is depicted in the image below. 

Sliding Boxes into Cases

Operator/packing person sliding a complete row of boxes into the cases without lifting them using the Ergosa’s Horizontal Mode.

As you can see in the image, the operator/packing person does not need to lift any loads as with the traditional manual packing or Collecting Tables. This reduces the workload on employees and eliminates repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

In addition, this same “sliding movement” is also responsible for the increase in packing speed. 

Because you can now move a full row of boxes in one motion instead of by limited small batches, the number of boxes per movement increases significantly which results in a much higher packing speed. 

For example, if you are hand-packing straight-line boxes with a Collecting Table, you would typically need 2 packing persons that would be able to run at speed of about 25,000-30,000 boxes per hour.

In contrast, if you pack those straight-line boxes with the Ergosa packer in Horizontal Mode, you will be able to achieve a speed of 50,000-60,000 boxes per hour and with only 1 packing person instead of 2 packing persons.

Hence, you would typically see twice the packing speed per packing person for straight-line boxes with the Ergosa packer in Horizontal Mode (if the case packing configuration allows it). 

The Horizontal Mode is ideal for 👇:

  • Small to medium-sized boxes.
  • Straight-lines and small 4/6 corners.
  • Multi-row and multi-layer packing needs.

Does the Horizontal Mode differ between the Ergosa A and Ergosa C 👇?

There is generally no major difference. The Ergosa A & Ergosa C’s Horizontal Modes are exactly the same and the case packing process does not change. But the Ergosa A packer can have slightly slower maximum speeds (10% to 20%) than the Ergosa C packer. This is caused by the single-speed adjustment of the Ergosa A, after the rotation of the box shingle, compared to the dual-speed adjustment under the Ergosa C.

2. Vertical Mode (Only Available with the Ergosa C)

The Vertical Mode with the “PerPack Module” features an ergonomic and high-performance solution for handling large and heavy straight-lines, 4/6 corners and boxes with complex shapes including crash-lock/auto-bottom boxes (when paired with an “MFA Batch Inverting Module”). 

The Vertical Mode offers a production speed of up to 80,000 boxes per hour on the folder-gluer.

It is important to note that the Ergosa’s Vertical Mode is only available as an option with the Ergosa C packer. 

To switch your Ergosa C packer from the Horizontal Mode to the Vertical Mode, remove the “Service Shelf” and install the “PerPack Module.”


Switch from Horizontal Mode to Vertical Mode on the Ergosa C packer by removing the Service Shelf and installing the PerPack Module.


IMPACK’s Ergosa C in Vertical Mode with the PerPack Module.

It is noteworthy to mention that although the Vertical Mode is a commonly included option as part of the Ergosa C package, it is only an option and not a requirement.

Unlike most companies, we will do as much or as little as our clients require us to do.

In other words, although we standardized our Ergosa series so that we have production volume and cost under control, we are not exclusive from a technical standpoint.

If there is an option/module that you do not need, why pay for it?

This is exactly the philosophy that our company, here at IMPACK, puts forward with our Ergosa packer series. 

The versatility of the Ergosa gives you the flexibility to choose only the options and modes you need, thus omitting any unnecessary options that you will never use. 

You might be thinking:

“But — what if I purchased a packer with only a few modes and needed additional modes in the future?”

No problem! We can retrofit any (and all) of these modules at any point in time. If you currently use a specific mode with a particular module, and in a few years your production evolves and requires a different module, you do not have to replace your existing Ergosa packer or buy a new packer. 

Our team of experts can simply add another module or packing mode and custom configure your existing Ergosa machine the way you want it to. No new packers needed. No additional big purchases needed 💰 👉 ❌.

That said, to get the greatest payback from your investment, and have the smoothest installation process, it is recommended that you analyze your existing production and forecasted future production so that we can prepare the connections necessary to make it as simple as “plug and play” in the future.

The Vertical Mode is ideal for 👇:

  • Folding carton and corrugated board.
  • Medium to large-sized boxes.
  • Large and heavy straight-lines and 4/6 corners.
  • Crash-lock/auto-bottom boxes (*when you pair it with an MFA Batch Inverting Module).
  • 1 or 2 row(s) and 1 layer packing needs (2 layers is also possible under certain conditions).

Does the Vertical Mode differ between the Ergosa A and Ergosa C 👇?

Good question! The Ergosa A does not offer a Vertical Mode option. The Vertical Mode option is only available with the Ergosa C.

Optimize the Vertical Mode with the MFA Batch Inverting Module:

If you’re running a lot of crash-lock/auto-bottom boxes, then pair the Ergosa C packer in Vertical Mode with an “MFA Batch Inverting Module.” This will allow you to produce those complex boxes as fast as possible with the shortest setup time possible.


IMPACK’s MFA Batch Inverting Module.

Ergosa C in Vertical Mode with MFA Webp

IMPACK’s Ergosa C in Vertical Mode with the MFA Batch Inverting Module.

We can confidently say that the “MFA Batch Inverting Module” offers the easiest possible method on the market to invert batches of your crash-lock/auto-bottom boxes fully automatically.

Whether it is in inversion mode for crash-lock/auto-bottom boxes or in straight-line mode for counting and separation of other boxes, the “MFA Batch Inverting Module” arranges layered boxes to facilitate simple and ergonomic packing with any folder-gluer model.

“Can I still pack crash-lock/auto-bottom boxes without an MFA Batch Inverting Module?”

Yes, you can! If you choose not to integrate an MFA Batch Inverting Module, you can still pack them manually using the “Pick & Place (or Manual) Mode” 

3. Pick & Place Mode (or Manual Mode)

The Pick & Place Mode (otherwise known as the Manual Mode) offers you great flexibility by giving you the capability to run any box you shoot through your folder-gluer. 

Whether single-type boxes or varied productions, the Ergosa packer in Pick & Place Mode can adapt to them.

More than just a simple conveyor, the Pick & Place Mode is ergonomically designed to help packaging producers dramatically boost their productivity at a budget. 

To switch the Ergosa A packer from the Horizontal Mode to the Pick & Place (or Manual) Mode, turn the button on the control panel of the Ergosa A.

erg A modo pick up

IMPACK’s Ergosa A in the Pick & Place (or Manual) Mode.

To switch the Ergosa C packer from the Vertical Mode to the Pick & Place (or Manual) Mode, remove the “PerPack Module” and install 1 or 2 MAE Modules to have 1 or 2 manual packing stations. The photo below shows the “PerPack Module” being switched for 2 MAE Modules i.e. 2 manual packing stations.

Switch from Service Shelf to MAE Modules Webp

Switch from Vertical Mode to Pick & Place Mode on the Ergosa C packer by removing the PerPack Module and installing 1 or 2 MAE Modules. 

Ergosa C in Pick & Place with 2 MAE Modules Webp

IMPACK’s Ergosa C in Pick & Place Mode with 2 MAE Modules (2 manual packing stations).

The Pick & Place/Manual Mode is ideal for 👇:

  • Complex boxes that require constant adjustments or corrections.
  • Crash-lock/auto-bottom boxes (and without the need of an MFA Batch Inverting Module).
  • Small to large formats.
  • Multi-row and multi-layer packing.
  • When the Horizontal and Vertical Modes do not suit a specific box production.

Does the Pick & Place Mode differ between the Ergosa A and Ergosa C 👇?

Yes, there is a difference! The Pick & Place Mode with the Ergosa A packer includes 1 manual packing station for 1 packing person and does not integrate any additional modules. Instead, it uses the tilting device integrated to the case rollers. In contrast, the Pick & Place Mode with the Ergosa C packer can include 1 or 2 manual packing stations for 2 packing persons. And those manual packing stations are called the MAE modules.

🚀 Visual Summary of the Ergosa A’s 2 Packing Modes:

The figure below shows you a visual summary of the 2 packing modes that the Ergosa A offers and how to switch from one packing mode to another. 

Ergosa As 2 packing modes  how to switch

A visual summary of the Ergosa A packer’s 2 packing modes.

🚀 Visual Summary of the Ergosa C’s 3 Main Packing Modes:

The figure below shows you a visual summary of the 3 main packing modes that the Ergosa C offers and how to switch from one packing mode to another. 

erg C 3 modos

A visual summary of the Ergosa C packer’s 3 main packing modes.

Choosing the Best Folder-Gluer Packer

Are you thinking an Ergosa packer might be the right solution for you but feeling not quite ready to pull the trigger?

Is it because you are not sure how much an Ergosa packer costs?

Or maybe because you aren’t sure which of the Ergosa A or the Ergosa C is better for your production?

We’ve got you covered!

👉 If you’re wondering about how much an Ergosa, or other folder-gluer packers could cost you, we wrote an entire article breaking down how much different folder-gluer packers cost and what factors drive the cost up or down.

👉 If you want to dig deeper into the differences between the Ergosa A and the Ergosa C, the article “Ergosa A  Vs. Ergosa C: Which Is Better For Your Production?” answers exactly that!

We know that we aren’t the best solution for every company out there. I hope this article helped you better understand our semi-automatic packer so that you can make a more informed decision on your folder-gluer packer.