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Can We Pay a Premium to Get Faster Delivery of our IMPACK Machine?

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You’re looking to automate your packing process to improve your folder-gluer productivity and reach higher packing speeds so that you can serve more clients and bring in more business.

And you’re thinking of purchasing one of IMPACK’s machines.

You want your company to start seeing gains in productivity and packing speeds as soon as possible, so you want your packing system delivered as fast as possible.

You’re wondering:

“Can I pay a premium to get my new machine delivered faster?”

I totally get it.

After all, every carton box manufacturer wants their machine delivered as soon as possible so that they can begin seeing returns on their investment.

This short ARTICLE + VIDEO will answer whether you can pay a premium to get your machine(s) delivered faster and outline to you what steps you can take to speed up the delivery of your machine.


Can We Pay a Premium to Get Our IMPACK Machine Delivered Faster?

The short answer is no; you cannot pay a premium to get your machines delivered faster.

However, there are things you can do to get your machine delivered faster. And I’ll get to that in a minute!

“But, why can’t we pay a premium to get our machines delivered faster?”

The first reason is out of fairness to all clients.

At IMPACK, we are committed to treating all clients equally and free of any arbitrary distinction or privilege. 

As such, IMPACK guarantees that no client shall benefit in any way that might afford them a particular advantage over another. This includes fair pricing with no distinction among any client. 

In 2012, we adopted a standard price policy that promises equal pricing for all clients.

Read about our standard price policy in IMPACK’s Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions.

The second reason is that there is no realistic method by which we could manage two different schedules for “normal orders” and “premium-paid orders.” 

Because every company’s needs are different, we design and build every machine from scratch. 

That is, we build to order. 

And so, your estimated delivery time all depends on when you sign the contract, when you make your payment, and the type and number of machines you order.

We have a priority schedule that we respect and follow. 

If we are closing an order with a client that has a complete gluing line project, and they advise us that they would like to postpone their delivery, we would swap orders with the next-in-line order prioritizing it in the sequence at which it was received.

Is There Anything We Can Do to Get Our IMPACK Machine Delivered Faster?

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Although you cannot pay a premium to get your machine delivered faster, there are 4 things you can do to speed up the delivery of your machine. 

Those 4 things are:

  1. Order the machine as soon as you can.

  2. When ordering, use IMPACK’s contract instead of your own contract.

  3. Complete the signature of the contract and the associated payment as soon as possible.

  4. Upgrade your shipping method (if possible).

First, order your machine as soon as you can. 

Here’s why: At IMPACK, we build to order. We don’t stock machines in our inventory.

Hence, if you don’t order, we don’t build.

And we take orders first in, first out. The faster you order, the faster you get your machine. 

Second, when ordering, we strongly recommend that you use IMPACK’s contract over your own contract. It is not mandatory but highly recommended. 

This is because using your contract would involve additional steps that could add weeks or months over IMPACK’s standard purchasing process. 

This would, thereby, delay the delivery of your machine, the commissioning of your machine, and the operator training.

If you’d like to learn about the pros and cons of using your own contract versus IMPACK’s contract, and what it involves, I’d strongly recommend you to check out my colleague’s article: Should You Use Your Own Contract or IMPACK’s Contract: Which is Better For You?

Third, avoid excessive delays in signing the contract and making the payment for the associated invoice.

This is because your present lead time and estimated delivery time all depend on when you sign the contract and when you complete the associated payment.

When a client asks us for the estimated delivery time, we are often in the preliminary stages of our discussions with the client and it is difficult to foresee when a contract would be signed.

For some clients, it's a few weeks after the preliminary discussions and for others, it's a couple of months!

Thus, we provide a present lead time that fits the current situation and according to the orders that are currently in progress.

If our order book is already full, all new orders will be initiated only after the current orders have been processed.

You should also consider that when the time comes for you to place your order, our order book will most likely have changed. 

As we work on a first-come, first-served basis, it is possible that the estimated delivery time provided in the preliminary discussions is not the same a few weeks later. 

Therefore, the sooner you sign the contract, and complete the payment, the sooner you get your machine.

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Finally, if you’re located outside of North America, you can upgrade your shipping to air transportation which allows you to save 3-4 weeks of delivery time.

That said, it is important for you to consider how this expedited shipping service would impact your return on investment

Your ROI should confirm that the return from your investment in an IMPACK machine would partially, or fully, cover the cost of expedited shipping.

If it does not, then investing in premium shipping would not make sense for your company.

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How to Get Faster Delivery of Your IMPACK Machine

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So, there you have it.

At IMPACK, we are committed to developing and nurturing strong, long-term partnerships with our clients founded on the basis of open communication and mutual trust.

Those values are important to us, and to our loyal clients. 

As we have seen, how fast you get your machine all boils down to 3 simple factors:

  1. How fast you order your machine.

  2. How fast you sign the contract and complete your payment (if you use your own contract, it would take much longer to sign the contract).

  3. What shipping method you use.

So, in the end, you have the majority of the control in terms of how fast you get your machine.

At IMPACK, we are always on target with our deliveries. Apart from very few, and rare exceptions, we have not delayed the delivery of any machine in IMPACK’s 20-year history.

We have a strong dedication to deliver on time. 

It is what we’ve been doing over the last 20 years, and are continuing to do despite the unprecedented challenges the economy has faced.

Even with a 70% increase in business volume in 2021, we have managed to design, manufacture, deliver, and install all machines on time 💪.

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