6 March 2020

Folding gluing process: How to choose between semi-automated and fully automated equipment?

The cardboard packaging industry has very complex requirements. Faced with an increasingly changing environment, manufacturers of solid and corrugated board packaging are constantly seeking to improve their competitiveness and find solutions to labour shortages. 

Automating their equipment on the production line, partially or totally, is an almost unavoidable step. Packaging solutions for folding gluing lines offer great possibilities for improvement on the production line. Automation generally results in greater profitability and productivity of the company.

Thinking about automation

When do you decide to automate your production line? And how do you ensure that the automation strategy you adopt will really pay off? Choosing between partial and full automation is a step that requires a great deal of thought. 

Last December, we published an article on “How to choose the right equipment to optimize production? “Stefan Badertscher, Sales and Marketing Director at Impack, explains that manufacturers of multi-format boxes need a lot of adjustments on their machines. That’s why automatic production is not always the most cost-effective solution. For many of Impack’s customers, semi-automation is sufficient and meets previously identified needs. 

The differences between semi-automation and full automation

The semi-automatic solution consists in opting for equipment that needs human supervision. Full automation is when you decide to automate the entire packaging process.

Find our article on the advantages and disadvantages of semi-automatic and fully automated equipment.


Questions about the automation of its equipment are mostly raised at a time when the demand for production is on the rise and you are looking to move faster. Moving from non-automation to semi-automation brings many advantages. 

By installing a packer on your folder-gluers, you will be able to make better use of the productivity of your machines. Personnel on the production line can make adjustments without having to interrupt production. With folder-gluers that run faster, staff will be able to produce more cartons, faster and with less effort.

Semi-automation in video – packer Ergosa C

The Ergosa C packer combines the flexibility of a semi-automatic packer with the performance of an automatic packer.


The move to full automation

When you are considering moving to full automation, it is often when you are looking to increase your production rate, either because your demand is increasing or because you are short of personnel. It is when extreme productivity is essential that fully automatic solutions are to be considered.  

But how fast will my production speed meet my needs? This is not an easy question to answer. This is why it is important to consider your production capacity on your folding-gluing lines. This will have an impact on the choice of solutions to adopt. It is just as important not to overestimate your needs and consider packers that are too complex, too expensive and not adapted to your needs.

Full automation in video – Virtuo Packer

The Virtuo is an automatic packer, capable of handling solid and corrugated cardboard of different formats (medium to very large) and different types of boxes (classic, 4/6 corner and automatic bottom).



The optimization of your equipment deserves great thought and analysis of your real needs. As producers of solid and corrugated packaging, it is important to know where you stand in your production capacity.

If you are looking for uninterrupted high-speed production, opt for full automation. If you are looking to make your various installations and their configurations faster, have better quality control: semi-automation of your equipment is the solution for you. 

Impack’s experts are here to help you evaluate your needs and determine the solution that best suits your requirements. Each solution designed by the company is perfectly adapted to each application. Impack is constantly listening to its customers to know what they need most to optimize their folding-gluing lines.


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