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Folder-Gluer Options: Here Are All Your Options & How to Choose

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If you’re searching for a new folder gluer, you're probably asking yourself:

"What are my options of folder gluer models?"

"How do they compare to one another?"

"And, which folder-gluer model is best for my business?"

Hi, Hani Hallal here from Impack packaging!

At Impack, we manufacture and install folder-gluer packaging equipment around folder-gluers. Although we do not manufacture or sell folder gluers, all our clients are folder gluer owners and we work with some of the biggest and most respected folder gluer manufacturers in the industry.

And so, our clients look to us for advice on what folder gluer they should choose and for answers to their most pressing folder gluer problems. 

For the last 2 years, I’ve spent most of my time researching, interviewing, and sitting down with some of the most experienced experts in the folding gluing industry. Recently, we had the privilege to sit down with Mario Persechino, a folder-gluer instructor and retired company owner with over 40 years of experience. I asked him bluntly the question that every single folder gluer owner asks:

"What are the different options of folder-gluer models on the market?"

This article will cover the different options of folder gluers available on the market and how to choose the right folder gluer for your company's needs, production, and budget!

What Are the Different Folder-Gluer Models on the Market?

Folder Gluer Gluing

There are 3 different kinds of folder-gluer machines on the market:

  1. Manual Folder-Gluers
  2. Semi-Manual Folder-Gluers
  3. Fully-Automatic Folder-Gluers

All 3 types of folder-gluers can fold and glue over 300 standard carton and corrugated board box formats.

That said, you should know that each folder-gluer model has its pros and cons depending on what you're looking for.

Before choosing a folder gluer, it is critical that you evaluate your production goal. Ask yourself:

“What are my production goals?”

You may need a new folder gluer because you want to produce one or two boxes continuously.

You may need a new folder-gluer because you are new to the packaging industry, and you want to begin producing carton and(or) corrugated board boxes. Alternatively, you may be looking to buy a folder-gluer because you want to improve your folder-gluer productivity.

In both cases, you have specific needs, and those needs will determine what folder-gluer model is best for you.

Let’s look at the different models on the market!

1. Manual Folder-Gluers 

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Your first option on the market is a Manual folder-gluer machine.

Manual folder-gluers are folder-gluers that are not automated and have no automation of any form

The process requires 100% manual work from the operator.

Manual folder-gluers require numerical carrier positions for all repeat jobs but a seasoned folder-gluer operator eventually gets accustomed to the folder-gluer and no longer requires using numerical carrier positions. As long as operators can keep set-up times as low as possible and waste at a minimum, they can maintain steady folder-gluer output and consistently work on improving the folder-gluer productivity in the long-run.

Cost of a Manual Folder-Gluer

As far as the cost of manual folder-gluers are concerned, the cost of a Manual folder-gluer is generally lower than a Manual Folder-Gluer with Motorized Carriers and an Automatic Folder-Gluer.

If you are new in the packaging industry and you have limited factory space available, a Manual folder-gluer can be a great starting option for your company. If you're not new in the industry, keep reading to discover your options!

2. Manual Folder-Gluers with Motorized Carriers  


Your second option on the market is a Manual folder-gluer machine with motorized carriers. 

These folder-gluer models are also manual but include motorized carriers, an automated advantage that may help you keep set-up time low.  

Motorized carriers offer folder-gluer operators numerical carrier position indicators, which help operators know where they should place the carriers during the set-up.

Although motorized carriers are not always precise, having motorized carriers is a great advantage if you produce similar box formats all year-round

Cost of a Manual Folder-Gluer with Motorized Carriers

When it comes to the cost of manual folder-gluers with moterized carriers, they are generally more expensive than a Manual Folder-Gluer.

3. Automatic Folder-Gluers  

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Your final option is an Automatic folder-gluer machine.

An Automatic folder gluer is most suitable for companies that have repeated and concurrent production runs.  

This is because an Automatic folder-gluer can set itself up on repeat jobs thus drastically reducing setup time, waste, and overall costs.  

Automatic folder-gluer models also offer saved memory capabilities, which in the event of an absent folder-gluer operator, the stored memory can be easily used by another operator to set up the folder gluer. 

Folder-gluers with automated features offer many advantages, and they serve best for companies that have high volumes of boxes on a day-to-day basis.

However, if your company is producing a variety of box formats each month, an Automatic folder gluer is not the right option for you.

You should also know that Automatic folder-gluers are generally less flexible than Manual folder-gluers, which means that the set-up between the different jobs may take longer than if you had to do it with a Manual folder-gluer machine.

Cost of an Automatic Folder-Gluer

As for the cost of Automatic folder-gluers, An Automatic Folder-Gluer is the most expensive folder-gluer option out of all your folder-gluer options.

Choosing the Right Folder-Gluer For Your Company

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Now that you know the 3 folder-gluer models on the market: manual folder-gluers, semi-manual folder-gluers, and automated folder-gluers, you are probably asking yourself:

“How do I choose the right folder-gluer?”

“Do I need a new folder-gluer?”

“What should I consider when buying a folder-gluer?”

Your Next Steps:

  1. If you’re looking to understand how to best evaluate your company's needs before making your purchase, the resource “Choosing the Right Folder-Gluer” (Coming Soon) will walk you through the evaluation process and how to make the right decision.

  2. Now, if you’re conflicted on whether you should purchase a new folder-gluer or invest in a case packer that automates your packing process, the resource “Should I Buy a New Folder-Gluer or Invest in Packaging Equipment to Improve my Productivity?” will walk you through step-by-step, how to make the right decision.

  3. Finally, if you want to make sure you’ve asked yourself all the right questions before buying your folder-gluer machine, the resource "Buying A Folder-Gluer: 3 Top Factors To Consider (Buyer's Guide)" will walk you through the necessary questions for your purchase.