David Leblanc

Team leader of the Impack mechanical design team since 2019, I overview the design of Impack machinery. Even though our equipment is very reliable and well designed, I always try to improve our packers by adding new features, standardizing our machines, and optimizing the manufacturing process. Having studied in Aerospace Engineering, I have worked in both the Aeronautical industries and the paper industries. At Impack, I try to bring the benefits of the methodological ways that the aviation industry’s work, without lowering our flexibility as a smaller business.

Still acting as a project engineer, I’m regularly going on site for some of our big project. With that expertise, I’m well fit to know about anything that can occur during the start-up of a packaging line and during the preparation of a project. Being able to share this information through our Learning Center will be beneficial for both our customer, and ourselves.

Service Improvement Initiative at IMPACK

Hello, I’m David Leblanc, Director of Engineering and Service at IMPACK. I’m happy to announce that we've made substantial improvements to our services.  

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