Pre-Feeding is the process of accumulating box blanks before sending them into the folder-gluer feeder in a shingled stream. This process allows keeping the pile of blanks at the perfect height in the folder-gluer feeder in order to ensure a consistent folding gluing process that keeps boxes 100% damage-free. At the same time, it offers the ability to accumulate a lot of blanks offers operators a more efficient feeding process, meaning working less for more output. These products are referred to as pre-feeders and were first developed by our company in 2017.

We differentiate ourselves in this area by offering a solution compatible for both folding carton and corrugated board industries. You typically install a packer unit behind your folder gluer because your bottleneck is the packing area behind the folding gluing machine. Once this has been resolved, the bottleneck moves to the feeder of the folder gluer.

Did you already optimize the output of your folder gluer? The Overview page Folder-Gluer Packaging Equipment is a good start to evaluate your requirements and determine if you even need a pre-feeder!