A pre-feeder is a unit installed in front of a folder-gluer, and before the feeder, that continuously feeds the folder-gluer’s feeder. 

More specifically, a pre-feeder is installed at the beginning of the folder-gluer as shown in the image below. 


💡 Purpose: Pre-feeding equipment allow the folder-gluer’s feeder to run at a higher speed, with a perfect stack height, and without damaging the box blanks. 

We differentiate ourselves in this area by offering a solution compatible for both folding carton and corrugated board industries. You typically install a packer unit behind your folder gluer because your bottleneck is the packing area behind the folding gluing machine. Once this has been resolved, the bottleneck moves to the feeder of the folder gluer.

You want to know if you really need a folder-gluer packaging equipment?