The Ergosa C version is the perfect mix of a semi-automatic and an automatic folder-gluer packer, combining flexibility with performance. The versatile Ergosa C is compatible with carton and corrugated board boxes. The C version’s many options not only make it the most popular in the Ergosa series, but also a high-performance packer with all the features to meet the complex needs of folding-gluing lines.

ERGOSA features

  • Modular folder-gluer packer with many available options;
  • With an ergonomic design and its own work methodology, the boxes are slid into the case, no loads are picked up, and repetitive strain injuries (RSI) are reduced;
  • Small to medium formats;
  • Straight line, 4/6 corners and crash-lock bottoms;
  • Compatible with carton and corrugated board;
  • Multi-row, multi-layer packing;
  • Compatible with all folder-gluer models;
  • Short setup time (5 minutes);
  • Automatic case holding system;
  • Height-adjustable case support;
  • Pneumatic end-gate to prevent box accumulation and overflow.

Horizontal Mode

Featured on all Ergosa series folder-gluer packers, the horizontal mode is ergonomically designed and has its own work methodology. The mode greatly enhances production, with packing speeds that may exceed 100,000 boxes an hour.

Combined with an IMPACK box turner, it allows to choose the box orientation in the case.

  • Small to medium box sizes;
  • Straight line and 4/6 corners;
  • Multi-row, multi-layer packing;
  • Automatic case holding system;
  • Height-adjustable case support;
  • Pneumatic end-gate to prevent box accumulation and overflow.
Horizontal Mode

Vertical Mode with Perpack Module

The Perpack vertical packing module is easy to install on the Ergosa C and offers an ergonomic, high-performance solution for handling straight line large-format boxes, 4/6 corner boxes and boxes with complex shapes, like crash-lock bottom boxes (with MFA module).

  • Medium to large format boxes;
  • Straight line boxes, 4/6 corners and crash-lock bottom (with the MFA module);
  • Packing one or two rows, one layer.

Optimize the vertical mode with the MFA:
MFA – Inverter module for crash-lock bottom carton board boxes:
Intended for boxes made of carton board, it allows package inversion of a predetermined number of boxes. Whether it is in inversion mode for crash-lock bottom boxes or in straight line mode for counting and separation of other boxes, the MFA module arranges layered boxes correctly for simple, ergonomic packing with any folder-gluer model.

Optimize the Vertical Mode with the MFA Module

Pick & Place Mode with MAE Modules

Ideal for small runs and complex boxes, Pick & Place mode offers great flexibility. More than just a simple conveyor, and offering two manual packing stations, the Pick & Place packing mode is ergonomically designed to let cardboard packaging manufacturers increase productivity of their folding-gluing lines quickly and at a better price.

  • Complex and crash-lock bottom boxes (without MFA module);
  • One or two packing stations;
  • Small to large formats;
  • Multi-row and multi-storey packaging;
  • Short adjustment time (5 minutes);
  • Height-adjustable case support with automatic ejection.
Pick & Place Mode
RSC and HSC case dimensions
Horizontal Modemin1154.515061004
Vertical Modemin2058 255101255
Pick & Place Modemin1154.5355141004
Box Dimensions
Horizontal Mode min251753
Vertical Modemin602.51004
Pick & Place Modemin----

The box dimensions have to be put into relation with the case sizes.

Machine length of the Ergosa C : 4740mm (186in)

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