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What Is the Ergosa’s Horizontal Mode and Is It Right for My Company?

What Is the Ergosa’s Horizontal Mode and Is It Right for My Company?

The Ergosa has been Impack’s best-selling machine for the last 20 years, and that’s due to the versatility it offers as a packer with its 3 packing modes.

The Horizontal Mode, the Vertical Mode, and the Pick & Place Mode each offer different features beneficial for different kinds of packaging companies.

But how do I choose the best mode for my company?

You see, each packing mode best serves different kinds of boxes.

The Horizontal Mode is a packaging mode suitable for smaller to medium-sized boxes with straight lines and small 4/6 corners.

The Vertical mode is a packing system best suitable for medium to larger, heavier boxes, as well as 4/6 corner boxes.

The Pick & Place Mode is another packaging mode that is suitable for more complex boxes that require constant adjustments or corrections.

In this article, we will explore the Horizontal Mode and showcase what kind of company it best serves.

Read this article if you want a more detailed understanding of all 3 packing modes for the Ergosa.

Let’s jump right into it!

What is the Horizontal Mode?

Impack packaging Ergosa A and folder-gluer box-turner INH.

The Horizontal Mode is the standard packing mode of the Ergosa packer and is available in both versions of the Ergosa series: the Ergosa A and the Ergosa C.

The Horizontal Mode features an ergonomic design with a new original packing methodology that is ideal for handling small to medium-sized straight-line boxes and small 4/6 corners.

Unlike the traditional manual packing process, where you need to hand-pack boxes in small batches, the Ergosa's Horizontal Mode allows you to pack a complete row of boxes in one single motion by sliding the boxes into the case.

This not only reduces the number of packing persons needed at the packing station but also increases the packing speed.

With the Ergosa's Horizontal Mode, you can pack a full row of boxes in one motion, which significantly increases the number of boxes per movement and results in a much higher packing speed.

For instance, if you are hand-packing straight-line boxes with the most common manual packing help/aid, a Collecting Table, you would typically need 2 packing persons that would run at the speed of about 25,000-30,000 boxes per hour.

However, with the Ergosa packer in Horizontal Mode, you could achieve the same speed or even more, with only one packing person.

The Ergosa's Horizontal Mode greatly enhances the efficiency, ergonomics, and speed of your production, with packing speeds that may exceed 100,000 boxes per hour.

It is an ideal solution for companies that require high-speed packaging of small to medium-sized straight-line boxes and small 4/6 corners.

Is There a Difference Between the Horizontal Mode on the Ergosa A & Ergosa C?

The Ergosa A and Ergosa C's Horizontal Modes are the same, and the case packing process does not change.

However, the Ergosa A packer may have slightly lower maximum speeds than the Ergosa C packer.

What Does the Packing Process Look Like under the Horizontal Mode?

We will explain the Horizontal Mode packing process in 4 simple steps.

Step 1 involves placing an empty case on the case holder, which is located at the end of the accumulation conveyor.

It is adjustable in height, allowing the case opening to be a few millimeters below the top of the conveyor, enabling operators to slide rows into cases without any disturbance.

The lateral clamping system ensures that the case remains in place during the sliding movement.

Step 2 requires separating a full row of boxes from the box shingle and bringing them close to the end of the accumulation conveyor.

Ergosa C - Horizontal mode process

Ergosa C - Horizontal mode process

Step 3 the operator slides the full row of boxes into the case in one single movement, thus ensuring that no lifting of loads is required.

This movement enables a significant increase in packing speed and reduces the number of packing persons needed at the packing station.

Ergosa C - Horizontal mode process

Once the row(s) of boxes has been packed into the case, step 4 involves pressing the ejection button, and the Ergosa (A or C) will release the case from the case holder system, ready for the next case to be filled.

By following these simple steps, the Ergosa packer enhances the efficiency and speed of the production process while ensuring an ergonomic process for your operator.

What Boxes Is the Horizontal Mode Best Suited For?

The Horizontal Mode is designed specifically for straight-line boxes, which are the ideal choice for this mode.

The main objective of the Horizontal Mode is to minimize the manual labor involved in packing, improve the ergonomics of workstations, and increase packing speed.

To achieve this, the Horizontal Mode requires a box turner to orient the boxes correctly, ensuring that they rest on their folded edge automatically without any manual intervention.

This not only facilitates better handling of the boxes but also reduces cycle time, thereby boosting the productivity of your folder-gluer.

By reducing the number of actions/movements required by the operator, the Horizontal Mode streamlines the packing process. It enables your operators to work more efficiently, resulting in higher productivity for your business.

4/6 Corners Boxes 

While the Vertical Mode is usually recommended for 4/6 corner boxes, the Horizontal Mode can still handle them.

For small 4/6 corners, the Horizontal Mode can perform similarly to the Vertical Mode.

Is the Horizontal Mode Right for My Company?

Ergosa A folder-gluer packer.

The advantages the Ergosa and the Horizontal Mode offer will greatly increase your folder-gluer speed and productivity, and all around will make the job easier for your employees.

The Horizontal Mode is perfect for your company if:

  • Your company produces small to medium-sized straight-line boxes, and small 4/6 corner boxes.

The Ergosa might be the right solution for your company, learn more about the Ergosa and its different packing modes with the articles below.

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