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4 Challenges Carton and Corrugated Packaging Companies Are Facing in 2023

4 Challenges Carton and Corrugated Packaging Companies Are Facing in 2023


There are 4 looming challenges confronting carton box and corrugated board manufacturers in 2023 that packaging producers are preparing to face head-on.

You are either one of those companies that is aware of those 4 challenges and ready to face them or one that isn't aware and you're about to be hit with a surprise in the next year.

Hi! Hani Hallal here from Impack packaging! In the last 2 years, I spent most of my time researching, interviewing, and speaking with some of the most profitable packaging producers. During this time, I saw what the most successful packaging producers do and how they continue to dominate their market.

At Impack, we specialize in analyzing carton board and corrugated box manufacturers’ folder-gluer productions and providing solutions to help them improve their folder-gluer productivity and reach top speeds.

This article compiles the top 4 challenges in carton and corrugated packaging production this 2023. Plus, we will cover what you need to do to overcome those challenges and dominate your market.

Challenge 1: Custom-Made Boxes Are Becoming the Norm

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Custom-made boxes are becoming the norm. 

From the latest iPhone to your Friday cheat meal from Chipotle, we buy everything and anything we need (or don't need) online.

Full disclosure: I have an Amazon addiction, and honestly, I may need intervention 🤣, but that's besides the point.

Because of our endless purchasing of products, carton box and corrugated board manufacturers have been forced to quickly adapt to producing custom-tailored boxes with varied shapes, sizes, and formats to meet our over-indulging needs.

This explains why the demand for custom-tailored boxes is one of the biggest challenges that packaging producers cannot escape.

Straight-lines, 4-corners, 6-corners, crash-lock boxes, beer cases, amazon envelopes, and sleeves are just some examples of the many box formats that are rapidly growing in demand.

And post-covid, online shopping is replacing shopping at physical stores. Studies show that this trend is becoming a norm and will probably never change, so it has become a status quo in the industry that all carton box and corrugated board producers have to quickly adapt to.

Challenge #2: Last-Minute Orders Are More Common Than Ever

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One of the most difficult challenges that carton box manufacturers face on an ongoing basis is last-minute orders.

It is one that box manufacturers have a love and hate relationship towards.

On one hand, last-minute orders mean more money and more business, but on the other hand, last-minute orders mean more stress and stricter deadlines for everyone. 

Last-minute orders are the orders that arrive at the end of the day, totally unannounced, and need to be managed first thing in the morning on the following day.

With those types of requests, your requirements remain the same and your customers’ expectations do not change: You must offer high-quality boxes that meet their needs, and on time.

And if you can't, you guessed it, you can kiss those orders goodbye as they go to your competitors next door.

To manage unexpected last-minute orders without risking losing those contracts (or your sanity), you need a high-speed machine that gives you the power of doing things a human can't.

The power of producing more output with fewer packing personnel and faster output with shorter setup times.

And this high-speed machine is a folder-gluer packer.

Impack packaging folder-gluer packers allow you to achieve higher packing speeds, greater output, less manpower, shorter setup times, and ultimately unleash your folder-gluer’s full potential.

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Challenge #3: Orders Without Minimum Quantities 

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Many box manufacturers are increasingly offering their customers the option of placing orders without minimum quantities. 

Today, it’s more important than ever for carton box manufacturers to become flexible with the quantities they are producing for each client.

And that is because nowadays, the power is in the hands of the customer, and box manufacturers have no choice but to adapt to the quickly growing demand for orders without minimum quantities.

A customer can request 1 box, 20 boxes, or 200,000 boxes and if you're not capable of adapting, they will go to your competitor next door. 

That's the reality of today's packaging industry.

Challenge #4: Keeping Costs Low

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Everyone in the packaging industry is competing for lower production costs.

Lower costs mean greater price markups. 

Greater markups mean greater profits.

Greater profits mean more business.

More business means happy bosses.

Happy bosses mean getting promoted at work.

And hey, what’s not to love about everyone being happy?!

But the billion-dollar question is: How can you lower the cost of your production while continuing to improve your productivity?

The answer is simple, follow these four steps:

  1. Reducing non-value-added activities
  2. Maximizing efficient machine utilization
  3. Reducing the number of staff per shift
  4. or beginning to automate your packing process.

The last point is the one that has the greatest impact on your cost and productivity.

Automating your packing process partially or fully offers a multitude of advantages. 

Typically, automation results in a reduction in the cost of your production which leads to an increase in your folder-gluer productivity and a higher net profit.

There are 4 categories of automation that most folder-gluer packers on the market fit within: Manual packing, Semi-Automated packing, Automated packing, and Fully-Automated packing. 

And each of those 4 categories includes different types of folder-gluer packers that offer distinct features, benefits, and capabilities. 

The article What’s the difference between Manual, Semi-Auto, Auto and Fully-Automatic Folder-Gluer Packers breaks down those 4 types of automation solutions and guides you step-by-step on how to choose the best packer for your production.

At Impack packaging, we are committed to providing carton board and corrugated cardboard box manufacturers with innovative packaging equipment that can be easily integrated onto folder-gluers while taking up the least possible space.

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Ready to Improve Your Folder-Gluer Productivity And Reach Top Packing Speeds?

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Impack packaging employees at Impack packaging's manufacturing facility.

As we saw, carton box and corrugated board manufacturers are confronted with 4 big challenges in the next year.

Hence, it is more important than ever for you to stay abreast of those challenges to avoid losing market share to your competitors.

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