DOUBLE Your Packing Speed, Cut Your Staff by HALF, BOOST Your Productivity

With Impack's Universal Packer

Meet the Ergosa Series



The Ergosa is Impack's Semi-Automatic folder-gluer packer. It is the fastest versatile packer available.

Offering a multitude of packing modes, the Ergosa offers an unmatched combination of flexibility, speed, and ergonomy.

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Horizontal, Vertical and Pick & Pack Modes
5-7 minutes to change between modes

There Are 2 Versions of the Ergosa:


Ergosa C Packer 

Maximum Versatility

The Ergosa C is a high-performance and versatile folder-gluer packer with multiple available packing modes offering ultimate flexibility.

Of all Impack packaging's machines, the Ergosa C’s flexibility and performance make it a highly popular machine in the packaging industry and Impack's top sold machine for more than 20 years.

Impack's Ergosa C is the more advanced and versatile solution of the 2 Ergosa versions that offers more configurations, more packing modes, and several additional features that the Ergosa A does not offer. 

Learn more about the Ergosa C below!


Ergosa A Packer

Most Compact

The Ergosa A is a simple, and compact Semi-Automatic packer that boosts your folder-gluer productivity.

Impack's Ergosa A is the go-to option for companies with tighter spaces.

It includes an integrated IN2 box turner (or INH Box Turner) as part of the machine (unlike the Ergosa C where the box turner is purchased separately) and offers 2 packing modes.

Learn more about the Ergosa A below!

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Hand packing or Ergosa?



Here is a FULL comparison between Collecting Tables and the Ergosa packer 👇

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How can you increase your speed with the Ergosa ?                           


The horizontal mode provides unrivaled packing speed in ergonomic working conditions, see more  👇

Ergosa Horizontal Mode