To respond to all carton and corrugated board packaging producers, IMPACK has also developed an automatic stacking module in addition to its packers.

Coupled with an automatic banding system, the Everio can respond to your stacking and banding needs for all boxes coming from folder-gluers or rotary die cutters.

Installed on any folder-gluer and combined with an IN3 box turner, with an MFA inverter module for carton board or an Alterna inverter module for corrugated board, the Everio can adapt to your stacking needs.

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EVERIO Features

  • Compact footprint;
  • Medium to large formats;
  • Straight line, 4/6 corners and crash-lock bottom;
  • Compatbile with pre-inverted batches (Alterna-MFA)
  • Compatible with carton and corrugated board;
  • Compatbile with many brand and models of automatic banding machines;
  • Short setup time;
  • High-precision laser counter;
  • Speed: up to 15 stacks a minute;
  • Touchscreen interface.

Configurations with Everio

Width (min/max)210mm / 860mm
Length (min/max)200mm / 700mm
Stack Height (max)350mm

Machine length of Everio : 1750mm (69in)

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