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MPACK reference Country/organization  Patent number granted
MFA Canada 2584937
MFA United States 7360636
IN2 Canada 2767834
IN2 European Patent Office EP 2349880
IN2 United States 7967124
IN2+IN3 United States 8443957
MFA Canada 2854157
MFA European Patent Office EP 2773579
MFA United States 9284133
Alterna Canada 2882058
Alterna European Patent Office EP 2895410
Alterna United States 9517897
Alterna China CN104797512
Alterna India 380038
Alterna South Korea KR101614670
Imbrace Canada 2910453
Imbrace European Patent Office EP 2989023
Imbrace United States 10059496
MFA Canada 2907408
INH Canada 3134784
INH European Patent Office EP 4121378
INH United States US 2023182430 
INH China CN 115379996
INH South Korea KR 20220153080
GenieCut United States US 2017028664