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8 May 2019

Impack – A company that stands out in its region

At the 21st Regional OSEntreprendre Challenge Gala, Impack was awarded first prize in the Success Inc category of this 2019 edition and was selected for the national level.

Following its creation in 2001, Impack was already one of the winners for the 2003 provincial edition.

For Impack, this is an important award that recognizes its progress and innovations while demonstrating its determination and perseverance to become one of the world leaders in the industry. Thanks to an outstanding team, original products and an innovative approach, Impack is a forerunner that allows it to be in the big leagues and will never cease to covet excellence.

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29 March 2019

United Kingdom – New Ergosa A Packer, first installation in the UK

After Belgium, it is the United Kingdom’s turn to be equipped with the new Ergosa A Packer. Economical, simple and compact, the Ergosa C Universal Packer’s little brother is the perfect packer solution of straight-line boxes with its dedicated high-speed mode and integrates a pick and place mode for all other kind of boxes.

Ergosa A Packer
14 December 2018

Seaboard Folding Box (MA, USA) – IN2-Ergosa C, a solution to double your productivity

The Ergosa C Universal Packer paired with an IN2 Box Turner was chosen by the client based on our recommendation. This packing line configuration allows the client to take advantage of his new folder-gluer’s top running speeds allowing them to double the productivity utilizing existing resources.

Whether it is straight line boxes, 4 / 6 corner or crash-lock bottom, the Ergosa C Universal Packer always offers an efficient solution for box packing, from the simplest to the most complex.

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Ergosa Universal Packer Overview
26 October 2018

USA – First installation of the IN180 for Bobst Cartonpack 4

Our R&D department developed the IN180 Box Turner especially for Bobst Cartonpack 4. It turns boxes at 180° before the packing or passes straight through when turning is not necessary in front of your packer (Cartonpack 4 or another packer).
Our expertise and innovative capacity will allow you to increase your folder-gluer productivity and reach your customer’s needs.

IN180 Box Turner (Packer)
12 September 2018

Van Grasdorff (Belgium) – First installation and first succes for the Ergosa A

The latest Ergosa, the Ergosa A, the most economical and compact version, was just installed in Belgium. A world premiere!
Just installed and it surpasses all performance and productivity expectations.

Ergosa A Packer
1 August 2018

Micropack (Portugal) – New country, new client, new machine and new success for Impack

Impack is proud to have realized a first project in beautiful Portugal with a custom Box Turner and adapted Ergosa – Perpack solution.
Building packer solutions for your specific needs is what we are good at.


19 July 2018

IMPACK at Bobst Competence 18

Impack is proud to have participated in the last Bobst Open House Competence 18 in Mex, Switzerland, where the semi-automatic packer solution Ergosa with MFA was presented.

You need the fastest packer solution to really get the full potential of your high-speed folder-gluer line, especially for crash-lock boxes.

That is why the Expertfold with Speedwave was combined with Impack’s automatic batch inverter MFA and the Ergosa Universal Packer. Equipped with the PERPACK module to easily and rapidly pack auto-bottom boxes, the net-speed of the gluing line reached around 40,000 boxes/h with very short setup time.

By adding the IN3 Box Turner, this configuration becomes to most versatile packer on the market. Literally any box can be packed with a high output.

4 May 2018

New Website

The new IMPACK website is now online!

11 February 2018


Impack is proud to announce the incorporation of its first sister company ‘IMPACK China’ in Suzhou.

Room 843, Building No. 1, Fenghua Plaza, Mudu Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China

10 March 2017

Polish Success Story

The Canadian Manufacturer IMPACK Packaging confirms the successful installation of the first Ergosa Universal Packer unit at ASG Poland. In 2016, with the support of its global agency partner BOBST, IMPACK concluded the contract for an Ergosa Packer combined with a Box Turner IN-2.
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Ergosa Universal Packer on folder gluer at ASG in Poland
6 November 2016

Impack celebrates its 15th anniversary with a record year

On November 6th, IMPACK celebrated its 15 years of existence. Since its inception on November 6th, 2001, the Saint-Jacques company has developed several innovations in the field of peripherals for folder-gluers. Today the company is represented in over 30 countries worldwide and has an annual average growth of 20%.

In full growth, the expansion of its facilities is underway to increase production capacity and benefit from more space for development of new products. To this end, IMPACK expects in the next 5 years to release more than a dozen new innovations to further expand its product range.

IMPACK would like to thank all employees, sales representatives, suppliers and of course customers worldwide for their confidence and interest in our products and our company.

13 June 2016

Drupa 2016

Thank you all for your visit at the last Drupa! It was a pleasure to meet you and we will come back to you as soon as possible for each of your specific projects.

Greetings from all the team at Impack

3 May 2016

Second Ergosa for DS Smith in France

After the successful installation of a first packer line and thanks to “a very professional approach, good listening and seriously taking into account problems, hence demonstrating good reactivity to customer demands”, DS Smith wished to continue this collaboration with the installation of a second line.

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Folder Gluer Packer Ergosa IN3 INTRO in France
20 January 2016

First Virtuo with IN-3 in Mexico

Among several high performance equipment from Bobst, Impack is installing two Virtuo – Automatic Packers with Case Feeder in combination with the versatile IN-3 Box Turner. This combination allows packing of heavy solid board or corrugated board boxes with a speed of up to 8 cases per minute. All this with keeping the flexibility to pack the boxes in all possible orientations in the outer case.

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5 January 2016

First Ergosa 8C in Turkey

Dec 2015: Impack is proud to announce the successful installation of (4) Ergosa 8C at one client in in the region of Istanbul, Turkey. These Ergosa represent the first but surely not the last installations in Turkey.

This adds the turkish market to Impack’s growing presence in Europe, among France and Germany whose markets are steadily growing since the first installations in 2014.

The year 2015 represents a record year for Impack in terms of sales. This is mainly due to the strong revival of the US market but also due to the consolidation of the market presence of Impack in Europe.

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Folder Gluer Packer Ergosa in Turkey
10 November 2015

A Real Boost Production

Focusing on IMPACK’s Universal Packer ERGOSA, the latest article in the Nov/Dec issue of Folding Carton talks about the many different ways how IMPACK’s best seller ERGOSA increases the productivity.

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29 June 2015

The Sudden IMPACK

“Upstart Canadian machine-builder leverages innovation and leading-edge automation technologies to create new- generation folding-carton gluing solutions”

Latest Article about IMPACK’s innovations and technologies. To read the article, please follow the link

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