16 January 2020

Better ergonomics and productivity for company Model Obaly a.s.

Impack has once again taken up a new challenge by offering better ergonomics and productivity in the  Model Obaly a.s., Hostinné plant based in the Czech Republic. Model Obaly a.s., Hostinné plant belongs to the Model Group, which has been developing high-quality packaging and display solutions in solid and corrugated board for more than 135 years. Present at many European sites, the group has a structure oriented towards the fast and error-free processing of customer orders.

Machine performance analysis

As François Granger, Impack’s Technical Representative, testifies, from the first visit to the factory in Hostinné, Impack already had an idea of the solutions to be provided to meet the company’s needs and shortcomings. Indeed, the machines present on folding and gluing lines were less sophisticated than those offered by Impack.  

Faced with the great complexity of today’s packaging market, Impack stands out for its analytical capacity and know-how. After evaluating the equipment and folder-gluers performance and following the recommendations, Model Obaly a.s., Hostinné plant opted for the universal packing machine Ergosa A in order to optimize the functions of its personnel while maintaining increased productivity.

The Ergosa A packer for better ergonomics and faster packing speed

The Ergosa A is a compatible packer for solid and corrugated board. It adapts to any limited space while offering a great improvement in terms of ergonomics and packing speed. The packer processes different types of products at high speed while minimizing physical constraints for employees. This solution therefore combines productivity and security.

The universal packers of the Ergosa series combine the flexibility of a semi-automatic packer with the performance of an automatic packer. Packing speeds can exceed 100,000 boxes per hour.

Impack’s Ergosa A packer

Beneficial improvements for production

Among the main improvements observed, Petr Etrich, Operations manager at Model Obaly a.s., Hostinné plant, highlights the fact that operator movements have been reduced. “Only one employee is working on the Ergosa to pack the same folder-gluer speed where there used to be two employees.” The packing efficiency per employee was therefore doubled. Thanks to the reduction of one manpower at the end of the folder gluing line, the entire packing process has become more economical.  

A collaboration that continues

According to Model Obaly a.s., Hostinné plant operators, “Impack’s solution is a very simple and intelligent equipment. The machine adjustment is easy and quick.” Employees have a positive opinion of the use of the machine. They have been trained to master the production tool perfectly and its adaptation to folder-gluers.

Today, the cooperation between the two companies is at an excellent level. Model Obaly a.s., Hostinné plant is eager to start future projects and apply new Impack solutions in their production.

This major partner has now become a reference customer. As experts in the design of equipment for folding and gluing lines, Impack’s presence in Europe continues to grow. Indeed, future projects are beginning to emerge within the same Group Model, particularly in Germany. Recently, Impack visited the factory in Opava, Czech Republic and potential projects for other packer solutions are being considered.

From left to right: Petr Etrich, Operations manager Model Obaly a.s., Hostinné plant; François Granger, Impack’s Technical Representative; Robin Halabrin, Local Sales Manager, Bobst Central Europe (Impack’s Business).

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