9 July 2019

Impack hits the mark!

After its success at the regional level, it’s at the national level that Impack was awarded first prize in the Successful Business Inc. category.

By offering innovative solutions that answers environmental challenges, productivity and cost reductions, Impack and his entire team succeeds in exporting its Quebec expertise to more than 55 countries, on 5 continents.

Impack aims to innovate for its customers, but also wishes to contribute to its community by, among others, giving its support to young people.

It is for Impack an important award that recognizes its progress and innovations while demonstrating its determination and perseverance to become one of the world leaders in the industry. Thanks to an outstanding team, original products and a pioneering approach, Impack is a forerunner that allows it to be in the big leagues and will never cease to covet excellence.


For more information, visit osentreprendre.quebec

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