19 July 2018

IMPACK at Bobst Competence 18

Impack is proud to have participated in the last Bobst Open House Competence 18 in Mex, Switzerland, where the semi-automatic packer solution Ergosa with MFA was presented.

You need the fastest packer solution to really get the full potential of your high-speed folder-gluer line, especially for crash-lock boxes.

That is why the Expertfold with Speedwave was combined with Impack’s automatic batch inverter MFA and the Ergosa Universal Packer. Equipped with the PERPACK module to easily and rapidly pack auto-bottom boxes, the net-speed of the gluing line reached around 40,000 boxes/h with very short setup time.

By adding the IN3 Box Turner, this configuration becomes to most versatile packer on the market. Literally any box can be packed with a high output.

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