2 November 2020


Several important industries have adopted this concept to stay competitive. And for many SMEs, the notion of being an “industry of the future” is an increasingly attainable goal.

Together with Maxime Jacques, Area Sales Manager at IMPACK, we discuss how this applies to the packaging industry and how IMPACK can help you as client to achieve your goals.

This concept of Industry 4.0, or of the future, corresponds to a new way of organizing the means of production. It refers to a fourth industrial revolution. In 1765 came the steam engine and mechanization followed by mass production with electric power and oil in 1870, then the third revolution, which introduced automated production supported by electronics and computer technology. Dating back to 1969, this third revolution is fairly recent and still very present. Interestingly enough, “in Japan, a country we might consider to be at the forefront of technology, most SMEs in our industry sector haven’t reached that point yet,” explained Maxime Jacques. “They are focused on automating mass production for a specific product.”

Factory 4.0 is an interconnected system that links machines, management methods, and products. Today, it is no longer a question of producing – or reproducing -an object thousands of times on a production line. We have entered the era of product personalization. In the packaging industry, this translates into the ability to manufacture different box formats, in different quantities, with a single machine.

According to Maxime Jacques, “Industry 4.0 requires significant investments, which are not necessarily a priority for many companies because we are still working on automating production (Industry 3.0).  Nevertheless, at Impack, we can easily transform our machines from automated into “connectable” to help our clients achieve their 4.0 targets.”  It is worth emphasizing that some countries offer financial assistance to companies making this digital shift to become more efficient.

Impack is proud to collaborate with companies making this transition and moving towards a more customized production mode. Whether it is the automatic packers Virtuo and Everio, or semi-automatic Ergosa, or the modules for preparing the box shingle, they are all ready to become more ‘intelligent’. Whatever data you want to collect and control, we can help you facilitate this task.

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