5 October 2020

How to Increase the Capacity of your Folder-Gluer?

The complexity of today’s box packaging industry is continuously increasing. While most folder-gluer lines are suitable for processing a wide range of solid and corrugated cardboard boxes, the demand for innovative packaging is growing. Unconventional boxes are more difficult to pack because of their peculiar shape; therefore, solid and corrugated cardboard packaging manufacturers must maximise their folder-gluers operational capacity and adapt to production needs 

Some manufacturers of solid and corrugated cardboard packaging believe that they must acquire new folder-gluers to respond to their need to increase the speed and efficiency of production 

But is that the best solution? The first step is to understand why the capacity of your current folder-gluer is limited and what solutions are available to increase its performance.  

For the majority of solid and corrugated cardboard packaging manufacturers, their speed of production is affected at the packing level. The good news is that there are solutions to overcome these challenges.  

Have you considered the different packing equipment available on the market that could be added to your folder-gluer lines? There are more options than you might think. 

Increase Packing Speed with Additional Systems 

Imagine having the ability to producmore boxes in less time and with less effort. A broad range of modern systems and peripheral devices such as packing equipment and feeders are available and can increase the productivity of your folder-gluer lines.  

As flexibility has become a priority for box manufacturers, Impack has dedicated itself to developing equipment that can easily be integrated into existing folder-gluer lines while not requiring much added space. One of these solutions are packers that can be directly installed at the end of a foldergluer line.  

Impack has a complete range of packing and feeding products adapted to the industry’s complex needs. These include the Ergosa packer which is compatible with all folder-gluers available on the market and combines the flexibility of a semi-automatic packer with the performance of an automatic one. Perfect for medium and large-size boxes, it processes straight line, 4-corner and 6-corner boxes as well as special formats.  

Ergosa C Universal Packer

Additional systems can give you the opportunity to increase the speed of your folder-gluer lines and deliver maximum productivity. These solutions both provide automation and reduce manpower, greatly contributing to the efficiency of your packing line.     

Move Towards Automation  

Aincrease in efficiency and productivity are just some of the many benefits to automating the packing line. 

System operators often spend more time adjusting folder-gluer lines for new productions rather than supervising production. With machine setups being changed frequently during each shift, the ability to easily switch rapidly from one job to the next is key to efficiency. Impack’s packers offer shorter setup times, for example the Ergosa sets up in only 5 minutes.   

An automated production line enables manufacturers to process more boxes per hour, while also saving time and improving safety in the workplace. 

Reduce Manpower  

In addition to cutting costs, reducing manpower can speed up the packing process and increase productivity.  

Investing in innovative, modern equipment can go a long way towards reducing manpower and high-performance production equipment will increase speed 

By reducing an operator’s work load at the end of the foldergluer lines, they can dedicate more time and energy to higher value-added activities.  


Today, a high-capacity folder-gluer is able to produce a large number of boxes per shift regardless of their complexity. 

Reinforcing your folder-gluer lines and equipping them with efficient solutions is a profitable, longterm investment that will enable you to gain in speed and performance.  

Although the process isn’t an easy oneintegrating automation means that you are definitely moving towards optimizing your production. Learn more about this on Impack’s blog, How to choose between semi-automated and fully automated equipment? 

Impack’s complementary systems are economical solutions that are designed to offer flexible, high quality production and deliver optimal productivity. 


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