6 July 2020

Increase packaging production capacity with Impack’s expertise

Innovation and customer support are Impack’s core values. A leading innovation-driven company   It is the concept of innovation that drove Dominic Thériault, founder and president of Impack Packaging to build the company. During his engineering studies, he came up with the idea of a new packing machine. To continue developing his innovative packing concept, he […]

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Impack expertise
9 June 2020

What are tailor-made packing solutions for folder-gluers worth?

Increasingly innovative packaging solutions  The biggest advantage of cardboard packaging is that it can be made in different sizes, shapes and designs. Manufacturers of solid and corrugated cardboard packaging are today able to offer increasingly innovative packaging solutions to meet the needs and identity of their customers.   Why is that important? Because today, with the […]

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custom packer for folder gluer
22 May 2020

5 challenges in cardboard packaging production

For several years now, producers of cardboard packaging have been facing many challenges. Corrugated and solid board boxes are no longer just used to protect products. Today they have become a real marketing tool. Manufacturers of cardboard packaging must offer innovative, high-performance and affordable solutions. Be equipped to excel. Like all cardboard packaging manufacturers, you […]

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impack packer
14 April 2020

A third Ergosa packer for DS Smith Packaging

IMPACK products are already sold in more than 50 countries throughout the world, and particularly in North America, Asia and Europe. In France, IMPACK can count on one very loyal important customer, DS Smith Packaging, a key European player in the packaging industry with 32,000 employees in 37 countries that strives for innovation and customer […]

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Ergosa A XL packer - 90deg
6 March 2020

Folding gluing process: How to choose between semi-automated and fully automated equipments?

The cardboard packaging industry has very complex requirements. Faced with an increasingly changing environment, manufacturers of solid and corrugated board packaging are constantly seeking to improve their competitiveness and find solutions to labour shortages.  Automating their equipment on the production line, partially or totally, is an almost unavoidable step. Packaging solutions for fold gluing lines […]

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Virtuo VS Ergosa
18 December 2019

Box Marche of Italy minimises physical strain on its packing staff with Ergosa C and Virtuo packing machines from Canadian manufacturer IMPACK

Lightening the Load. Discussing previous and current investment plans, Tonino Dominici, CEO of Box Marche, explains, “We want our actions and packaging solutions to create added value for everyone.” Founded in 1969 and based in Corinaldo, center/east of Italy, Dominici sees his company as the hub of a community that has more than just its […]

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Thanks to the "lowered" shipping cartons, the Box March employees can easily insert the banderoles for the customers' cookware into the outer cartons.
3 December 2019

How to choose the right equipment to optimize production ?

In the cardboard packaging arena, optimizing production tools generally means increasing productivity and the profit margin. But the question is, what’s the best solution for gaining a true competitive advantage to meet this industry’s complex requirements: automated or semi-automated equipment? As you might imagine, the response isn’t a simple one and depends on several factors. […]

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11 July 2019

IMPACK: Passionate about Innovation

IMPACK PACKAGING has worked in equipment for cartonboard folder-gluers since 2001. The company has made a name for itself with its in-depth understanding of the industry’s challenges and a genuine passion for innovation. These two assets make IMPACK a high-ranking partner for all clients seeking to improve their productivity with the best products available.   […]

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