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We are the experts in the design of packing and feeding equipment for folder-gluer lines. 


IMPACK specializes in analyzing work methods and designing equipment for you as manufacturer of carton board and corrugated board packaging.

Active in the industry since 2001, IMPACK stands out for its innovation, continuous product improvement, and ceaseless development of new solutions for folder-gluer packers and peripherals. Growing nonstop, we are present in 54 countries around the world.



As a smaller company serving our clients around the globe, we embrace the fact that Canada is such a multicultural country. Constantly growing to serve the increased number of projects from all the different continents of our globe, we are proud to offer our clients the ability to communicate in the most spoken languages worldwide.

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Most of our employees at IMPACK have been working for the company since their graduation. Growing in the company and evolving individual skill sets, makes them the experts of our industry. At the same time it allows us to have new insights from young and dynamic thinkers.




We think of our partners as we do of our clients:  "A sale is not the end of a process, it is the beginning of a relationship."

The foundation of our fastly growing network of partners is honesty and transparency throughout all the steps of our projects. 

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North America

IMPACK Headquarters & Innovation Centre

14, Marcel-Lepine Street 
Saint-Jacques, Quebec, Canada
J0K 2R0

IMPACK Manufacturing (IFAB Inc,)

24, Maréchal Street
Saint-Jacques, Quebec, Canada
J0K 2R0



Contact our multi-lingual Sales Team:
T: + 39 348 322 9738

Ferrara, Italy




Contact our multi-lingual Sales Team:
T: + 86 21 26134290

Suzhou IMPACK Packaging Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Room 505 – 25, Dantaihu Building, No. 9, Taihu East Street
Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China

For service, support or spare parts:
T: + 86 21 26134290