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As the leader of packaging equipment design around folder-gluer lines, IMPACK provides packaging producers with the most innovative and reliable packaging solutions on the market.

Your custom solutions are our normal approach.


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Product Lines

Virtuo 300x250-1


The most advanced automatic folder-gluer packer for solid and corrugated board.

Everio 300x300


The most compact stacker on the market.

Ergosa C 300x200


A semi-automatic packer with automatic packer's performance.

Ergosa A 300x200-1


The most compact and economical semi-automatic packer.



Remove your production bottleneck and boost your folder gluer productivity with innovative case packers that fit your specific needs.

Case Packing-1


Is your manual bundling process slowing down your folder gluer? Automate your bundling process with standard and custom solutions to get the most out of your folder gluer.

OR 500x248


In every packaging line you want to decide how the boxes are packed or stacked. Find the right equipment to turn, invert or simply count your boxes.

Box Turner 500x250


You eliminated the bottleneck behind your folder gluer? Help your operators to feed your folder gluer the most efficient way and with peace of mind.

                                  Pre-Feeding 500x250

Learning Center

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The Virtuo Packer: What Is the Tilt Assist Option?

Many companies seek automation solutions to improve their folder-gluer productivity.  

Although, it is true that for many companies, adding an...

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Packaging Equipment: What Are the 4 Families of Packaging Equipment?

We can break down the different packaging equipment we offer here at Impack packaging into 4 families:

  1. Pre-Feeders
  2. Pre-Packers
  3. Packers
  4. Stackers