Founded in 2001, IMPACK specializes in analyzing box manufacturers’ work methods and manufacturing packaging equipment and peripheral solutions for folder-gluers. No, we are not folder-gluer manufacturers and folder-gluers are not our product, but as experts in the packaging industry, box manufacturers look to us for ways to improve their folder-gluer’s productivity and reach higher packing speeds. Here to support and advance box manufacturers' most aggressive goals, we have an ever-growing international network with more than 400 units manufactured and installed in over 54 countries and counting. At IMPACK, we host our own specialized design and engineering departments that consist of highly sophisticated experts. Our experts do not just install the equipment, but instead, we get involved at several different levels. This includes analyzing your existing folder-gluer(s) and finishing department’s performance, examining your current boxes, determining your production’s capabilities, designing standardized and (or) custom equipment, conducting inspection and quality-control procedures, and providing complete operator training to help you master your folding-gluing process and become the top speed producer in your market. Read about our impact in the Case Studies section. Find answers to your most pressing folder-gluer problems on our Learning Center.

Come Calheiros Embalagens aumenta la sua produttività con IMPACK

Nell'odierno mercato del packaging, complesso e in rapida evoluzione, investire in macchinari competitivi non è una cosa semplice. Per i produttori di imballaggi in cartone può essere piuttosto impegnativo decidere quali macchine siano necessarie per rendere più efficienti le linee di piega-incolla. Impack ha ancora una volta superato con successo la sfida di un importante attore europeo nel settore dell'imballaggio.