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The Virtuo Packer: What Is the Tilt Assist Option?

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Many companies seek automation solutions to improve their folder-gluer productivity.  

Although, it is true that for many companies, adding an automatic packer to the end of their folding gluing line will lead to an increase in productivity. 

It is important to know that automatizing your packing line may entail the addition of specific modules and options on your machine. 

“What are modules and options?” 

“Why do I need them?” 

Modules and options are programs or elements added onto your machine that are there to ensure your project runs smoothly no matter the complexity of your boxes or your client’s demands. 

The Virtuo packer is Impack packaging’s automatic folder-gluer packer, and it can be equipped with several different options that will guarantee an efficient and smooth packing process for your company.  

My name is Maxime Jacques and I am an Area Sales Manager for Impack. For almost 10 years I have installed, advised, and sold dozens of Virtuo's worldwide, from America to Asia and Europe.  

In this article, we will explore the Tilt Assist option on the Virtuo packer and how it impacts your packing process with the Virtuo. 

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What Is the Virtuo Tilt Assist option? 

case ejection schema

Under certain conditions, the boxes may tend to move out of the case during the case tilting process of the Virtuo as shown in the picture above.  

To control this phenomenon, the Virtuo can be equipped with the Tilt Assist option, which allows the boxes to be held in place during the tilting of the case and avoids this problem entirely.  

But you might be asking yourself,  

“Why does this happen?” 

“Do I really need this option?” 

You see, the boxes may move out of the case during the tilting process because of two things: the intrinsic properties of the boxes and the packing configuration.  

1. The Boxes 

If we look at a straight-line box from the side, we can see that it has 3 layers of cardboard at the glue path level, versus 2 layers on the rest of the box.  

By stacking them in a case regularly as the Virtuo would, we would get an accordion-triangle effect that you can see below, which would cause a problem in the case.  

box glue path schema edited

glue path and box schema edited

2. Packing Configuration 

Usually, the standard packing configuration has the glue path at the top of the case like in the image above. 

In this configuration, the boxes tend to stay at the bottom of the case.  

However, some of your clients may request you to pack your boxes in a specific way around the case, i.e. with the glue path at the top of the case. 

As shown in the picture above, when the accordion effect is combined with the glue path at the bottom, the top boxes tend to spring out of the case.  

So now you’re probably asking yourself, 

“Well, how does the option stop this?” 

How Does the Virtuo Tilt Assist Control This Phenomenon?  

Impack packaging Virtuo folder-gluer packer

During the regular packing process, guides on the machine are used to control this phenomenon.  

However, these guides are fixed and when the case is tilted horizontally, the boxes may tend to fall out of the case as we’ve said. 

The Virtuo Tilt Assist is an additional guide mounted on a pneumatic cylinder that accompanies the case as it is tilted to ensure that all the boxes remain inside the case.  

It’s that simple! 

Learn More About the Virtuo Packer 

Impack packaging's folder-gluer packer and IN3 folder-gluer box turner

The Virtuo Tilt Assist Option works as a guide that will accompany the box during the tilting process to prevent them from coming out.  

Nevertheless, there are other options that resolve other issues that may arise due to box configurations and packing specifications.  

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